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PFPG begins by listening to you. What is your current situation? What are your personal objectives for your lifestyle, your family's future, and your own retirement? We will help you quantify those goals in financial terms and set up a time frame in which to achieve them. We help you understand what comes first, assist you in developing a responsible plan tailored to your individual situation, and handle the details about which you may not be an expert.

Next, PFPG reviews your financial documents, including investment statements, balance sheet, retirement plan summaries, insurance policies, and wills and trusts. Over the course of our relationship, we meet with you to address specific elements of your financial plan, which may include:

  • Improving spending and savings patterns
  • Evaluating your insurance program
  • Creating an investment policy based on your tolerance and
    capacity for risk
  • Structuring a balanced asset allocation
  • Choosing savings and investment vehicles
  • Optimizing employee benefit choices
  • Setting a realistic retirement timetable
  • Quantifying savings levels needed for the future
  • Planning for the ultimate disposition of your assets

At each stage, PFPG examines tax opportunities and consequences. We help coordinate the efforts of your legal, tax, insurance, and other advisors to ensure a cohesive strategy.

Throughout the course of the engagement, PFPG will continue to work with you in person as well as by telephone and e-mail to implement and update your financial plan as circumstances change. We invite your questions at any time.