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Our Services and Fees

How do you price your services?
Advisory fees are based on net worth as well as the complexity of the individual situation. PFPG does not require a minimum net worth or portfolio size. However, we do have a $6,500 minimum annual fee for new clients.

A ballpark estimate of the first-year fee is 0.65% on the first million of net worth, 0.40% on the next $3 million, and 0.225% thereafter. So if your net worth is $1 million, your annual fee would be in the vicinity of $6,500. If it is $2.5 million, your annual fee would be in the vicinity of $12,500.00.

Are your fees tax deductible?
Fees are potentially tax deductible as a 2% miscellaneous expense for those who itemize deductions on Schedule A of Form 1040. PFPG bills on a quarterly basis. Clients may elect to have their fees deducted from TD Ameritrade accounts.

How do your fees compare to those charged by your competitors?
Our fees compare favorably to those charged by fellow financial advisors. Many firms charge separately for financial planning and investment advice. PFPG's fee includes both planning and investment advisory services. We suggest that you obtain proposals from several financial advisors as part of your selection process.

Who will my contact at PFPG be?
Either Brian or Tom will be your primary advisor. Behind the scenes, Brian and Tom collaborate closely to ensure that clients benefit from the insight and experience of both planners. Moreover, this structure provides clients with a back-up planner in the event their primary advisor is unavailable.

Do you offer specific investment advice?
Yes, we advise clients about the purchase and sale of specific holdings. PFPG is a licensed investment advisor domiciled in the State of Maine. Tom and Brian are licensed investment advisor representatives.

Do you sell mutual funds, insurance policies, or other financial products?
No, PFPG does not sell any financial products. We are an independent, objective source of financial information.

Do you offer help with implementation?
Yes, we make it a priority to see that clients execute their financial plans. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't levy additional charges for implementation services. We will coordinate the efforts of your attorney, tax preparer, trust officer, insurance agent, and other professional advisers to see that your financial plan is implemented per your intent.

Will you take custody of my investments?
No, we do not accept custody of a client's assets.

Will you exercise discretion over my financial affairs?
No, you retain ultimate say over investment and implementation decisions. Our job is to help you make intelligent, informed financial decisions based on our best advice. We will work closely with you during the implementation process to ensure proper execution of your financial plan. Typically, clients provide us with limited powers of attorney over their investments so that we can make recommended trades.

Has PFPG established institutional relationships with any brokerage firms?
Yes, PFPG maintains an institutional relationship with TD Ameritrade. In addition, we work with TIAA-CREF, the nation's largest provider of retirement investment vehicles to educators, researchers, and employees of nonprofit organizations.

My portfolio consists of individual stocks and bonds. Would I have to switch to mutual funds in order to work with your firm?
The answer depends on your investment objectives, time horizon, portfolio composition, and tax situation. We have some clients with individual stock and bond portfolios. For many others, mutual fund portfolios are preferable.

I am interested in socially responsible investing. Will you incorporate that strategy into my financial plan?
Yes, since PFPG's objective is to address each client's individual needs, your financial plan will reflect your personal beliefs.