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Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients' ages range from 30 to 90; their investment portfolios typically run from $1 – 5 million. They include educators, engineers, corporate executives, physicians, self-employed businesspeople, attorneys, and inheritors. We work with traditional and non-traditional families as well as single people.

Most clients want to be actively involved in making decisions regarding their personal finances, but they haven't the time, energy, or inclination to become experts in investments, insurance, estate planning, and tax issues. They share a common interest in handling their financial affairs in an integrated fashion. This is why they seek assistance from a comprehensive financial planner.

PFPG clients tend to fall into three categories:

Professional Singles and Couples - Planning for the Future

Even for high-income earners, preparing for a sustainable retirement isn't a straightforward path. Choices made along the way during the asset accumulation years can profoundly affect whether your retirement reality will meet expectations.

  • Clarifying needs and goals
  • Establishing a retirement timeline
  • Developing a tax-efficient investment strategy
  • Assessing insurance needs
  • Funding education
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Retired Singles and Couples

The biggest question facing retirees is "How do I maintain my lifestyle going forward and also prepare as best as I can for unexpected circumstances that may rock my financial boat?"

  • Developing a new, self-directed lifestyle
  • Maintaining a predictable income stream
  • Managing cash flow
  • Planning your estate
  • Contingency planning for major life events
  • Exploring new ways to use your time, talent, and money
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Those Experiencing Life Transitions — Marriage, Divorce, Widow(er)hood, Inheritance

Every major life transition comes with its own unique set of circumstances, decisions, and challenges. These are times — especially when changes are unexpected — when an objective, informed and caring advisor can help you through each necessary step so you don't have to become an expert to make good decisions.

  • Adjusting to new financial circumstances
  • Blending two income streams
  • Combining styles of handling finances, or developing one's own style
  • Coping with loss
  • Making decisions about unfamiliar or complex matters
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